040604 Froggatt

Overview: Froggatt is always good fun - some of the best and hardest climbs at each grade. Especially good for playing on sunny summer days with the hammocks set up.

Sunset Crack (HS 4c 2*):

Led - Probably the lowest grade I've led in a long time, but the point was to get Abbe & Eyal introduced to grit. Hardest move is quite low (getting over the lip) but entire thing is completely protectable - probably a good one for beginners. Perhaps deserves 1 star rather than 2. Abbe & Eyal seconded.

Sunset Slab (HVS 4b 3*):

Led - Funny, I remember the top being far scarier; but then I had just backed off the top move of What's Up Doc... Wonderful route, good traverse, then up as close to a ladder as you'll ever get, "with the crux one move further up than you might think". Seconded by Eyal