041120-21 Wintery Peak

Overview - Stanage is even more gorgeous than usual in the snow. But Froggatt isn't nice when mist soaks everything...

Heather Wall (2* VS 4c):

Led - I don't know if it was the atmosphere or the route, but the climbing felt fantastic. I don't agree with pumpy or strenuous, just nice! Might deserve more stars... Che and Hanneke seconded.

Froggatt Boulders (B0)

Well, it was p*ssing wet; so the friction worked, but you had to force it to help you by pressing VERY hard. Also in trainers, as it was too cold and wet (yes, and we couldn't be arsed). 4 B0 problems made, but "easy B0" ones... :-)

Anyway, the Pinnacle Boulders should now become my warm-up every time I'm at Froggatt. A great selection of round-holded short climbs B0-B4 (though out of 26 problems, slightly less than half are B0), which would make a nice warm-up circuit. Enjoy.