041228-31 Stanage Plantation

Overview - Christmas holidays again, and a slight added apprehension due to last year's events. However, presents with the family, a wander around the Tate Modern, and we're off to the Peak. Initially very wet (two days at S. Burbage and an I-forgot-my-rock-shoes-day at Frogatt netted virtually nothing), which led onto a rather blustry day on Stanage Plantation

Crescent Arete (3* V2/B3 5b):

I've always claimed to love arete climbing, but looking at this classic "easy" arete boulder problem, it was clear that I'd have to get back to trusting pure-friction climbing quickly. Having been up and down to the crux (two hands on the arete), I got back there a forth time, dithered badly, and force my way passed it. The rest just feels high. Beautiful. Correctly starred.

Other boulder problems in the Crescent Arete area

Problem 5 (B3)
Problem 9 (B2)
Problem 11 (B0); Very easy arete - perhaps a nice warmup...
Problem 12 (B1); Off the boulder, but must try the start off the grass
Problem 14 (B3); Didn't feel quite that hard...
Problem 13 (B4); Think the move over the lip is nuts, try it from the right
Problem 15 (B1)

Wall End Flake Crack (2* VS 4c):

Led - I'm sure the stars will appear if this gets done in better conditions, but I did it in what felt like gale-force winds and slight drizzle. I started out thinking it was HS, got told half-way up that I was now on a S, then got down and realised it's real grade. Thankfully it wasn't S, as that would have made me very depressed... Nening seconded.