050101-02 Burbage Bouldering

Overview - After the initial week of bad weather, the usual New Year's party took it's toll... We managed to drag everyone to WoodVale (S. York.), in order to complete one V1 then give up (okay, it was pissing it down). The following day went slightly better. Higgar Tor is very rough grit, but it was also hailing, so only the first here was managed. The rest resulted in Paul, Dave (Blue) and myself sticking two fingers up to the weather, and looking for the shortest walk-in to bouldering we knew of... North Burbage. The following day was spent in glorious weather in the Burbage Valley.

Freya's Climb (VD):

Solo - well, it was hailing, and we'd walked in, so what the heck. Numb hands as expected made it a little harder than it should have felt, but still a walk. The wall just to the right, however, is about the same grade, but with a fun first move...

Other boulder problems in the North Burbage Curse area

Problem 1 (B1); Trying the B5 variation should be fun!
Problem 3 (B3); Attempted, and on a good day should have gone.
Route 2 (S 4a)
The Chant (HVS 5a); How this gets B1, I really don't know... (i.e. backed-off)
20ft Crack (S 4b)
Cranberry Crack (VD)
And much playing on the boulder/wall in between. Very fun.

Boulder problems in South Burbage

Messiah Taverse (B8); Doesn't feel that hard, but then, there's still one more move to figure out!
Problem (B2)
Problem (B6); Not B0 as suggested, but B6 as shown on the photo. Missed the correct landing ledge and went for the slopers higher up (much loss of skin!)
Problem (B4); Very nice, slightly-overhanging little arete - finish direct!
Problem (B0)
Problem (B4); Stand all the way on the toe before going for the arete - very fun.
Problem (B3)