051002 Froggatt

Overview - What's one of the E2s that has been repeatedly looked at, but never truly considered? Brown's Eliminate at Froggatt. Supposedly a single 5b off the ledge, then a run-out top section. Had a look, and by the time you reach the arete is really is all over and you'll come nowhere near the ground if you fall off. Unfortunately, there was a queue on in (mainly by people top-roping Armaggedon, grrr), so I had to leave it to E1s for the day. Oh well, Froggatt was as good as it usually was.

Janker's Groove (1* VS 4c):

Seconded Chris - A really odd thrutch. Figuring out how to stand up in the obvious arse-jam crack is the crux, but all-in-all a Brown VS.

Strapiombante (2* E1 5b):

Led - This kind of proves that my onsighting is so much weaker than my climbing. I pretty much walked up it this time - admittedly, I still placed gear all the way out to the arete, then retreated, rested, and raced for the top. The idea of taking cams on this route is rather funny, as I think the nut placements are so good as to make it feel like sports climbing! Chris seconded cleanly.

Scarper's Triangle (1* VS 5a):

Seconded Chris - VS 5a my arse. Firstly, getting over the low bulge is 5a / 5b, with bad low gear. Secondedly, good gear is at half-height, but only if you allow the arete, otherwise it's horrible micros-nuts/cams in the top crack. Lastly, I had trouble (and fell off) the 5b moves on the upper slab on a top rope! More like E1/E2 5b - certainly harder than any of the E1s I've done at Froggatt. Chris moved to the arete instead of going direct across the bulge, then moved on to the arete to finish - probably a worth-while HVS 5a if you escape to the upper arete.

Strapiombo (2* E1 5b):

Led - I've looked at this before, and thought it looked like good masochistic fun... Yep. Some of the most powerful, strenuous moves I've ever done, but wicked good fun. Unfortunately had to take a rest at the lip, as I couldn't commit to the upper section immediately. I return to my assertion that nothing needs to be jammed, as it can always be lay-backed. I would gladly go back again, but would insist a camera was around to capture it! Chris had to do some near-prossiking to second, but made the stand-up look far better.