060630 Stanage High Neb

Overview - With Chris back and Dad suddenly finding a bit of climbing passion, we headed to High Neb for the route of the same name. Both of them enjoyed it thoroughly whilst I nipped off and did a bit more arbitrary route-ticking. I will make it over the roof at the right-hand end at some point...

Inaccessible Slab (S 4c):

Solo - almost harder to escape from the top than to climb!

Norse Corner Climb (2* HS 4c):

Solo - Ted claims this is one of the best routes on grit... I'm not too convinced, although it was a very nice route. The start seems a little awkward, but from then on it's just pleasant. Correct grade and starring.

Rinty (VS 5a):

Solo - I'm a little dubious about the gear on this one, and given the moves weren't as obvious as I would've expected for VS, I wouldn't recommend this as one of your first VSs.

Duo Crack Climb (1* VDiff):

Solo - Quite pleasant, though a tad more exciting than a VDiff should be. Perhaps it just wasn't a good day...

High and Wild (1* E3 5c):

Not made - This is one to go back to. An easy wander up to the roof, bomber gear in JC, then pumped myself stupid trying to reach the holds around the roof. Chris convinced me there was a better hold further right (there wasn't), and by the time I'd decided I was right, I couldn't hold the undercling any more. Shame, the top out will be exactly what the route name describes! Well graded, and if the initial section wasn't so easy, it would get another star. Chris seconded.

Jeepers Creepers (2* E1 5b):

Not made - After HW, I couldn't muster the strength to hang on long enough to work out the final move out of the hanging crack - exactly what happened the last time I was there! Chris managed to crack it (ha, ha), but it involved some horrible contortion on jams. No thanks! Still correctly graded... Chris seconded.