070608 Baslow

Overview - An afternoon out with Dad, exploring another crag I've never visited before. More of a grouping of boulder-like outcrops, the initial section of the crag has a few routes on each buttress, with a quick walk between buttresses. I must remember Gullies Wall for teaching beginners about footwork, and return for some of the harder routes, but I think the latter are well down near the bottom of the must-do list. These comments might be a little short, as there wasn't much to discuss!

Corner Route (VDiff 4a):

Solo - Yep, as the grade would suggest, a well-protected 4a move at the top.

Curbar Cracks (Diff):

Solo - More a descent than a decent climb!

Cracked Wall (HS 4a):

Solo - Surprising for the grade, with a sequence of three or four continuous moves. It feel slightly hard for 4a.

Rum and Pep (HVD 4a):

Solo - All the interet here is in the final groove, and it is interesting. I'm not sure whether I would recommend this to a VDiff leader, as it felt quite spicy. The groove, however, is good for a bit of footwork and "just go for it" experience.

Mauvais Pas (HVS 4a):

Solo - Far more HVD 4a than the previous route, and almost more fun. Basically it's a single step rightwards at half height - but it's a good'n!

Gullies Wall Ticking (Mod-VDiff):

Solo - Route 0, 1, 2, 3, 3.5 and Stepped Groove all contain a move or two, but nothing of interest to anyone with more skill.

Route 1.5 (S 4b):

Solo - Perhaps a good one for people trying to learn how to improve their bold-climbing head? Unprotected, with the 4b move at the top, but not high, and a spotter would suffice. Nice toe pockets!

Route 1.9 (S 4a):

Solo - Similar to the previous route, but two or three 4a moves at the top, versus one 4b. Same comments apply.

Renaissance (1* HVS 5b / V1):

Solo - Scary, this one, and hence I'd count it as a route not a boulder problem! Thin edges lead to thin pockets, and rounded breaks. Certainly gets the heart pumping if you start out thinking it'll be a quick romp to the top...

Grounded Bees (VS 5a):

Solo - Get that footwork sorted. A nice arete problem, that might seem like face-climbing on toe pockets for the crux. Worthwhile.